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Remembering a Giant: Maki Kaji, better known as the “Godfather of Sudoku” passed away in Tokyo on the tenth of August, 2021. Maki did not create Sudoku: in fact, the game’s origins are lost in the mists of time. However, he is widely credited with popularising the puzzle worldwide by making it easily accessible. Maki was a puzzle enthusiast, and his company, Nikoli, published all kinds of puzzles. He made friends easily and had a playful attitude towards life. Sudoku, the supreme example of logic in action could well have passed into obscurity save for the actions of Maki Kaji and his company. Imagine that you are a fly on the wall as recognition slowly dawns on Maki about the magic and beauty of a square filled with numbers. What would you say to yourself? I guess it would be: “this guy gets it!”. RIP, Maki Kaji. The bug that bit you now lives on in millions of hearts and minds across the planet.

Book Description:

Warning! These Sudoku Puzzles For Adults Are Highly-Addictive!

Let us help you explore the incredibly satisfying world of Sudoku puzzles!

First featured in obscure magazines, Sudoku has become a global phenomenon and a sacred ritual for billions of puzzlers. Now it's your turn to discover why billions of people cannot go a day without solving a Sudoku.

Are You Ready to Sharpen Your Mental Edge – At Any Age?

Introducing The Ultimate Sudoku Brain Games By GameBrainOn.

Whether you like crossword puzzle books and logic puzzles or you are a total puzzle rookie, Sudoku is the ideal way to spend quality time training your brain - and developing your logic skills. Everything's better with a Sudoku; your morning coffee, your lunch break, your commute, a rainy Sunday afternoon, or your vacations.

There Are 101 Reasons To Choose This Sudoku Puzzle Book;  Here Are Just The Top 3:

✅ Ultra-Addictive Sudoku Puzzle Books: created with addictiveness in mind, these 101 easy Sudoku puzzles will introduce you to the world of Sudoku. Soon, you'll get hooked on solving puzzles.

✅ Sudoku Large Print Book: Sudoku is all about making your brain work harder, not your eyes. That's why our 8.5" x 11" Sudoku books are easier to read and more enjoyable for both adults and seniors.

✅ So Much More Than An Activity Book For Adults: Chris T. Saldrick, the author of this puzzle book for adults, has added the rules of Sudoku, the most popular Sudoku solving tips and techniques, as well as a brief analysis of Sudoku's benefits.

"It's My First Sudoku Book, Will I Be Able To Solve The Puzzles?"

Yes! These Sudoku puzzles are ideal for beginners who want to ease themselves into the Sudoku universe! So, Don't Hesitate: Turn Your Game Brain On!

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It Is Simple But True, It All Comes Down To This With Logic: Use It Or Lose It!